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UsedBlog #UsedParty upcycling for the garden

#UsedParty upcycling for the garden

Join us for our monthly Twitter party on Wednesday, March 19 at 6 p.m. PST. We will be chatting about greening your garden by incorporating upcycled materials, edible gardens, utilizing small spaces and more.


Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 6 p.m. PT
Host: @UsedEverywhere
Moderator: Suzanne at @UsedEverywhere
Panellists: @CDNGardening@GatherVictoria@commoncentsmom@YoungUrbnFarmer, @momstownmedia, @ryanrutley

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Have something you would like to ask Tara Nolan, web editor of Canadian Gardening?

Leave a blog comment with your question and if you are picked, not only will Tara answer it live at our #UsedParty, you will also receive a Canadian Gardening magazine subscription for the year!

Chime in to win one of our amazing prizes:

  • Groundbreaking Food Gardens: 73 Plans That Will Change the Way You Grow Your Garden by Niki Jabbour
  • One of three Lee Valley Gift Certificates
  • A copy of  Eat Your Yard by Nan K Chase supplied by @GatherVictoria. Their unique gatherings are inspired by humanity’s oldest most sacred traditions

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19 Responses to “#UsedParty upcycling for the garden”

Harrison Kamermans

Spring is in the air!


Holly @ The Inspired Home

Do you have any recommendations for plants that can survive a high-acid environment under pine trees? The needles have killed even grass.



Sounds like fun!!


Anne @ FoodRetro

I’m an urban gardener with a 6′ self-built SIP with a sterile soil mix (80% peat 20% perlite) that is about to go into year two. Did fabulous last year EXCEPT… I had difficulty managing soil-burrowing pests (leaf miners/flea beetles particularly). Any suggestions that are organic friendly? I’m thinking about trying to introduce parasitic nematodes–would hate to waste a lot of space on trap plants.



what do you recommend using for sweet peas to climb? i find the fencing is to ugly…


Jane Hammill Gray

I love growing things to eat but so far, as a novice, I have only managed herbs. My Parsley, Basil and Rosemary were such a delight last year this year I want to get more ambitious. What would you suggest for a complete beginner? We love all fruit and vegetables . Can you recommend a very easy to grow crop that is not easy to mess up with :)



I live in Calgary. We are having competition this Spring to display plants based on theme “Whimsicle recyclabe.” What are the basics to keep in mind before we start planting in recycled things?
Your advise is appreciated.


    Amber R Bosma

    Nisha, your question was the winning question. What is your Twitter handle please?


How can you teach a non-gardener how to make her yard look nice and sustainable. WE want to plant a garden this year that doesn’t die



I don’t have any backyard space, what can I grow in pots beyond herbs and tomatoes?


Cherry Bomb

We want to build a greenhouse for growing fruits/veggies. I’ve seen many fabulous projects using upcycled window frames. Is there anything to look out for when choosing what frames to use?


jennifer capin




Hello, I will be in attendance!! @KatieGraceMarie
My question is what are some ideal things that I could grow on my balcony or even in my apartment? Plants, herbs, veggies? Any input would be great :)



We would like to explore permaculture gardening. What perennials would you recommend for both fruits & vegetables?


jennifer lucas

I container garden, how can I get more space for my patio and what are good container veggies?



Looking for ideas for a small ‘street’ garden that can bring our neighbours together. Also thinking of raised beds/design ideas as I have trouble bending. Can’t wait.


Amber R Bosma

Thank you everyone, a question has been randomly selected and passed on to Tara. Keep your eye on the #UsedParty tonight and see if it was your question. It will be the last question of the night!


Scott Gillespie

I’d like suggestions about making your own drip irrigation hose. I’d like to make something with old hose. I’ve did it before but ended up needing to put in little pieces of plastic and screws in the hose because too much came out (even with the pressure of a rain barrel).


I want to start composting NOW! Our backyard composter is currently under 4 feet of snow! I’m thinking that I might try to stockpile/freeze my peels ‘n such on the back deck in a bin of somekind for the time being. Anyone tried this?!


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