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Make room for Christmas


I challenge you to have a zero-footprint Christmas this year. Do you accept?

What does a zero-footprint Christmas mean? It means only spending what you make by selling your old items first.

Okay, you got me, it actually means a lot more than this and you can read all about it in my other blog post here: Have Yourself a Very Green Christmas. But for the purpose of this blog post, let’s talk about making room for Christmas by selling old items in order to buy new.

Tips to Make Room for Christmas

1.    Do you have what people are looking for? Head to your local site and use the “wanted only” button when you search for items listed. Maybe you’re the person in Victoria who has quality sewing scissors you don’t use anymore. Or do you live in PEI and have the bike for this guy. Maybe you are the one in Ottawa with a black Roots teddy in the basement? Definitely worth checking.

2.    Make a list, check it twice. This is what I did in order to alleviate the cost of Christmas this year. I went round my home and made a list of all the things that I hadn’t used or missed using over the last twelve months. I took an hour to pile all these items together and then listed them on I’ll be honest, I didn’t have much, but we did manage to buy my son’s new red big boy bike with the proceeds. Don’t worry, he can’t read this, so it’s still a surprise.

3.    Use unwanted gifts. I’m not asking you to re-gift because that’s dangerous. There is always the chance you will forget the ugly sweater came from your friend Sandra and gift it back, I have friends this happened to! But think outside the box or rather the excess Christmas packaging. What can you turn this ugly sweater into? Several pairs of mittens perhaps? My favourite to-go cup is an old mason jar a friend gifted me last Christmas. Mason jars are probably the best and easiest upcycle tool, even for the non-crafter. There are lots of ideas here: Mason Jar Madness.

4.    Buy Used. Blogger Pam gives the best reason to buy used and new-to-you gifts in her blog post: My Used Christmas. Her savings on toys amounted to $930. Another bonus is no horrendous packaging to get rid of and no added tax. Upcycle your purchase as per tip 3, or look for new items that have never been used. You can even use the search tool on the sites and look for items “never used.”

5.    Decor. Sell the decor you no longer want or use, make decor to sell, buy decor new-to-you. All of these options will eliminate cost and packaging.


My mason jar cup came with melted chocolate on the bottom and a sachet of coffee! Christmas 2012. My favourite gift of the year.




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